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Looking at Windows Azure Service Bus Message Pump Programming Model

In the April release of the Windows Azure SDK Microsoft introduced some new features for the Azure Service Bus. The new feature I want to discus in this post is the Message Pump programming model.

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Windows Azure SDK 2.0 Released

Just a day before King Willem-Alexander was sworn in in The Netherlands, Microsoft released version 2.0 of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET.

Scott Guthrie described this release as a major refresh with really great new features and enhancements.

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Cannot get entity ‘{queue name}’ because it is not of type QueueDescription.

While working on a new project where we are using the “new” Azure Queues and Topics I ran into the error below when the code was checking if the queue exists :

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Windows Azure Tools & SDK Summary

UPDATED: 06-12-2011

The thing about technology is that it develops fast, really fast and to keep up with new releases of your tool set is not an easy task..

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