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Looking at Windows Azure Service Bus Message Pump Programming Model

In the April release of the Windows Azure SDK Microsoft introduced some new features for the Azure Service Bus. The new feature I want to discus in this post is the Message Pump programming model.

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Windows Azure Halloween News

Boy o’ Boy, there is a lot of stuff going on and it is a busy, still, a busy week or two for Microsoft. Just release Windows 8, the Surface with Windows 8 RT, Windows Phone 8 and yesterday and today we are flooded with news about what is happening in the Azure arena.

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New Windows Azure Portal Enhancements Released

Today, Scott Gu blogged about the newly released Windows Azure Portal Enhancements. These enhancements cover a wide area within the portal.

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Windows Azure Tools & SDK Summary

UPDATED: 06-12-2011

The thing about technology is that it develops fast, really fast and to keep up with new releases of your tool set is not an easy task..

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